1.) Water

  •   Clean water access for rural communities
  • Temperance Flat: Stop the red tape and get the dam built
  •   Great Tax Incentives for Green Ag Technology working with water issues

2.) Jobs  

  • Provide more tax incentives for businesses that create jobs
  • Expansion of enterprise zones in our rural and urban communities
  •   Increase funding for Trade School development

3.) Infrastructure and Safety

  •   Secure future funding for road improvements
  •   Drastic increase in oversight of the costly high speed rail
  •   As businesses expand gain greater funding for business creation – Infrastructure goes hand in hand with business development

4.) Law Enforcement

  • Repeal and replace AB 109/Prop 47 laws that endanger communities and embolden criminals
  • More law enforcement mental health training for the safety of our communities

5.) Healthcare

  • Enhance access to preventative and alternative healthcare
  • Expansion of  Mental Health services in the Valley
  • Health Freedom – no mandatory vaccination laws

6.) Education

  •   Empower teachers not the government to lead the way on education reform
  •   Increase funding for after school and sports programs
  •   Expansion of educational choices for families

7.) Veterans

  • Increase funding to county Veteran Offices to increase rural support for Veterans
  • Increase support to local city initiatives to alleviate veteran unemployment issues
  • Increase funding for Mental Health services to Veterans

Proudly rated “A” by CRPA & Gun Owners of California, and “AQ” by the NRA